Got “Cannot connect to WMI provider” when tried to open SQL Server Configuration Management

I tried to open SQL Server Configuration Manager one day and got a sad face error dialog:

2014-07-30 SQL Server Configuration Management error

A quick search on google returned a few positive results. One of them looked especially promising:

The blog post is a replicate of the knowledge base article: but with pretty pictures.

If you are here because you had the same issue then you can stop reading if the above workaround resolved your issue. Unfortunately for me, I had compounded issues. It turned out my WMI was corrupt and I had to fix that first.

2014-07-30 WMI Property Dialog

Off to google again and luckily I found this post:

Impressed with the level of technical details contained in the post, I religiously followed the instructions to rebuild the WMI repository word to word.

2014-07-30 restart winmgmt and rename repository

2014-07-30 wmi property dialog fixed

Once the WMI woes were sorted, I returned to the KB article for the workaround and that fixed my issue eventually!

2014-07-30 mof worked