Watch me code

I have been playing with an idea in my head for a while. I think it is time to write it down before I forget.

I have always envisioned that one day in the office we can have big overhead monitors that everyone can see. The monitors will display each team member’s screen for a pre-configured duration.

I imagined that this set up can achieve several goals:

Mentoring – By looking at how someone else does his work, you may pick up something new, whether it is a new shortcut or seeing how a tester tests your code. I always believe that the best way of learning to program is to observe someone else in action. Learning from a real life mentor is far more effective than reading a technical book.

Hawthorne Effect – Team members’ productivity can be easily observed since everyone’s activities are available for everyone else to see.

Supervision – Time wasting activities will be discouraged. Team leaders will also no longer need to worry about team members “strategic” seating arrangements.

Collaboration – It will be very efficient to conduct demos and presentations, especially if the team members are scattered around the office.


The possibilities are truly endless.